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Boat Moving 

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boat moving

If you are looking for a reliable auto shipping company that offers boat moving services, you have found the right one! Have peace of mind in knowing that you have come to the right company to get the job done safely, correctly, and in a timely matter. Detroit Car Transport specializes in transporting all kinds of vehicles, including boats. We can transport your boat to and from Detroit or anywhere else in the U.S., Alaska, and Hawaii included. Our company transports all types of boats, no matter the shape, size, or weight. Whether you need your yacht shipped or your sailing boat shipped, Detroit Car Transport is the right company to trust!

Detroit Boat Transportation

We can help everyone transport their boats wherever they are going! If you are a private boat owner and plan to move elsewhere, we will move your boat wherever you want us to. Or if you are a boat manufacturer and need to ship a boat to a buyer, we can do it for you! Our team of professionals all has years of experience in auto transportation to help all our clients from start to finish.

When placing an order to transport your boat with us, we ask that you provide a few things to help us calculate the cost and arrange the best carrier for your boat. We will need the size of the boat, meaning the height, length, width, and weight. You will also be asked to provide the addresses of both locations, pickup and drop off addresses. Next, we will ask you to choose either an open auto transport service or an enclosed auto transportservice. Once all of the information is obtained, we will give you the cost of your boat moving.

Our company will provide you with door-to-door service which is included in every shipment order. We will pick up your boat from the address that you provide us with, and drop it off at the address of the city that you will be in. We ship door-to-door so that you do not have to go to a port to pick up your boat.

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